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Orange County Mouth Guards & Protection

Athletes of all types are constantly in need of Orange County mouth guards & protection. This is of course because most sports are physically demanding and carry with them a number of physical risks. Mouth and face injuries are among the most common and most potentially devastating and as such it's imperative that athletes utilize Orange County mouth guards & protection whenever possible.

As a dentist Dr.Obraitis goes to great lengths to ensure that his patients have access to state-of-the-art Orange County mouth guards & protection. Providing athletes with this type of protection helps them not only avoid serious injury but costly dental repair work as well. There are a lot of Orange County mouth guards & protection available online however none of these compare to the Orange County mouth guards & protection found here on this website. Additionally these mouth guards & protection are ideal for athletes of all ages regardless of which sport they may play. If you're an athlete you owe it to yourself to protect your mouth with our Orange County mouth guards & protection. If you're a parent then you owe it to your children to do the same. An Individual can enjoy the sport that he or she loves the most when they know they are safe from harm.

Orange County Mouth Guard Services:

  • Sports Mouth Guards:
    We offer a number of different sports mouth guard services for clients. Whether you play football, baseball, wrestle, or box, we can create a sports mouth guard that is right for you. Regardless of age or intensity of sport you're going to find a mouth guard here that's right for you.
  • Custom Sports Guards:
    Here in our Mission Viejo dental office we create a large number of custom-made sports mouth guards for athletes of all ages. Our sports guards are ideal for children whose parents want to protect them from potential concussions in sports where head injuries are a constant threat. As our sports gaurds are custom-made they fit better than any sports guard you might find in your local sporting goods shop. This better fit allows for clear breathing which in turn enhances endurance and makes a real difference in the way you play your sport.
  • Lacrosse Mouth Guard:
    While it is recommended that athletes wear mouth guards in many sports, those who partake in lacrosse must wear one if they want to play. Finding a mouth guard made specifically for lacrosse players however is difficult which is why for the past six years we have actually manufactured lacrosse mouth guards for a large number of clients. Our lacrosse mouth guards protect from concussions and allow the athletes that wear them to breathe and speak better which is key in a sport like lacrosse. In addition all of this our lacrosse mouth guards protect any and all dental work you've had done any point in the past. This includes crowns, veneers, and even bridges.

    As with or other types of mouth guards our lacrosse mouth guards fit the individual athlete much better than your run-of-the-mill assembly-line mouth guards do. With a reputation for fitting better than any other lacrosse mouth guards, we have created mouth guards for players from Coto de Caza, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, even Rancho Santa Margarita. We have worked with Santa Margarita Catholic high school, and even players from Aliso Viejo just to name a few. Our lacrosse mouth guards are great not only for lacrosse players of all ages but for football players as well. Protect your dental work and the rest of your head by wearing our lacrosse mouth guards.
  • Night Guards:
    Grinding one's teeth in their sleep can be immediately detrimental to their oral health. The long-term damage that teeth grinding can cause is even more damaging but the good news is that both short and long term damage from teeth grinding can be completely avoided. Here at our offices we construct night guards for those individuals who either grind their teeth in their sleep or have children that do so.

    Not only is teeth grinding damaging but repairing the damage, be it short or long term, is extremely costly so it's wise to avoid that by wearing one of our night guards. All of our night guards are custom-made and fitted to the individual which allows for better breeding and in turn better sleep. Furthermore patients who wear a night guard will go to sleep with peace of mind knowing that their teeth will be safe and intact when they wake up.

The Dr. O'Braitis Difference

Whether you wear one of our night guards, our lacrosse mouth guards, or any other type of sports guards & protection one thing's for sure, you're wearing the best sports guards and protection currently available the market. What separates us from our competition is our focus on the individual. Rather than mass-producing sports guards and protective gear or taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we go the extra mile for every single one of our patients and provide them with custom-made and custom fitted sports guards and protection.

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